How to make a perfect bedroom for your kid

July 16, 2019

How to make a perfect bedroom for your kid

Designing and decorating your kid's bedroom can become of the most amazing and fun periods in your life and projects to work on in your house.

First things first - and one of the most important thing that you need to reconsider before getting things done: the room your child will sleep and play in will be his best friend and it will have a big influence on his or her personality in the future.  Allow their own personality to shine through both in the wall colors and the things you choose to put in there.

Second thing - is how to make your child feel healthy and comfortable in the room he will spend tones of time. How to use the right materials and forms.

COLORS in kids bedroom


You are more likely to use more splashy colors and make braver design ideas that you might not do for other rooms in your home. Your children will be glad if you find an ideal color for their room choosing among natural palette, and we are talking not only about sadly grey and so used to green colors -

but burnt orange is natural color too, light pink-purple color is so close to the sunset palette, and subtle turquoise tone will look so fresh as an ocean wave! Be ready to try something different, without Disney colors, neon shifts and something that will make your kid really love the space!


THINGS in your kid's room

Who can spend a childhood without reading tales and adventures? Get a cabinet for books in your children's bedroom. It will play a great role in their life, believe me, if you will teach to use it properly. And of course, it adds a little sophistication to the room. Thank goodness books are here to help us to build this intimate under night space while reading it just in two, and children's books allow him or her to explore and experience dangerous and scary aspects of the world in a safe environment and through another character’s journey.

Your child will adore colorful amazing prints and word art coverings on the walls, different artworks, little wooden sculptures, and everything that will help your child blow up a fantasy.


MATERIALS to use in kid sleeping place

Try to use all natural materials in the bedroom of your child. And I am not talking only about textiles and rugs. This is much more - try to use wooden flooring or at least something like cork flooring. Please, think twice before choosing very hard and chemically dangerous textures for walls and ceiling, No vinyl, no plastic, no glue in textures. Every little detail of the room, where the child will spend his first three years can impact an immune system, cause allergies, and asthma.

And nobody can say that there is any material better for children health than 100% linen. Making your kid's bed with a stonewashed linen sheet is the best gift that you can make for your self as a worried mother/father and the best thing you can gift to the health of your baby. Linen bedding, towels, and curtains for your baby are vital. This fabric is hypoallergic, anti fungus and always fresh.

Avoid using glass doors for or on wardrobes. Also, avoid mirrors in the kid’s room. Homeowners usually ask for a dressing mirror, but I would say avoid one. Your dear kid may get hurt or have a deep injury due to cracked glass or mirror. Or if you want to have one - opt for toughening Glass.

LIGHTING for good sleep and quality learning

Cozy, upper and lower lighting spots is a must. Having a dim light close to the bedroom to help melatonin to be released and help your children to get ready to fall asleep easily.


Remember that no interior trends and no fashion or Pantone reports don’t know the personality of your little angel. So that try gets deeper in it and makes it is simple and pure to let it out in the world with few things that will surround him or her in the first important years.

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