5 reasons to own 100% LINEN pillowcase

5 reasons to own 100% LINEN pillowcase

✓ Healthy for skin. Your face has more contact with your pillowcase than any other fabric - so make it healthy with most organic material as linen.

✓ True luxury experience. Linen is a spa and massage at the same time. 100% linen normalizes you hydro balance. Gentle knots on natural linen fibers are like the all-night massage. 

✓ Reduces bed head and split end. Forget about bad-hair and sleepy-face days with linen in your bed!

✓ Easy to care for. Linen pillowcase become even more beautiful after washing!

✓ Linen looks so stylish!

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Published on 6 of October, 2016 on Youtube
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