Piano dreams!

January 26, 2017

Piano dreams!

Did you know that? Freddie Mercury used a piano as a headboard for his bed and taught himself to play the piano backward so if a song idea popped into his head when lying in bed, he could reach backward and play it or record it. 

We have been inspired by this idea of piano head boarding while photo shooting our new collection of a NIGHT BLUE linen bedding. There are so many families, that are still keeping old and beautiful instruments at their homes and use pianos only as a shelf. But you should try to use it as an antique and headboard, that can inspire you one night to create a "We will rock you" hit.

Some rules of using the piano as a headboard:

1. Rub your piano with a chemicals-free insecticide once a month

- this will help you to keep it clean inside

2.  Leave the key lid open on your piano, sometimes, but not always 

- this will save musical abilities of an instrument

3. Never allow direct sunlight to touch your instrument. It can damage the interior, and cause discoloration and cracking of the piano’s finish.

- it is a perfect rule for a cozy and dark bedroom

The perfect thing about this idea is that it needs no additional work. Just move your piano place your mattress on palettes under it - and voila!

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