Our top bedroom trends in 2018

April 16, 2018

Our top bedroom trends in 2018


Embellishments, fringing, tassels  – you will fall in love with it, it's elegant and eclectic when use in a right way and not too much. 

This year you'll see fringes and macrame on cushions, linen,  wall hangings, throws, rugs, and accessories.

All in all, this is about love to handmade, to ethical things and natural production. We have here a great sale offer for fringed pillowcases in a French blue color.


Pale and calm ice cream colors - is a great investment for any interior. And this year you don’t need to wait for summer sales - creamy gelato colors (like our vanilla white and pink)  should be already in some key pieces of your bedroom. 

Choosing your favorite creamy color is rather free and no-problem: why only choose one when you can have them all! This is just a perfect palette to even mix up without mistake. 


Juicy greenish brights teamed with golden accents are the key to this  bright snd relaxed trend. To recreate tropical atmosphere for your bedroom use multi-layers look with different coloured linens - from pink to duck egg and add some simple natural colored pillowcases. tablecloths and use darker shades for the tableware. Of course don’t forget to add some tropical leafs prints - on cushions, wallpapers, or accessories. We love tropical prints – there's really no better way to create that summer party mood>

March 12, 2018
We’re introducing our new
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April 2, 2018
Why do you love this collection so much?
April 29, 2018
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May 8, 2018
Linen and cotton refer to fabrics derived from plant natural material.