Left for snow

September 15, 2015

Magic of nature processes
July 22, 2015
Now it’s time to spread all the sheaves untied all over the free empty fields - to be wet and dried under the rains, winds, dew, snows. That’s an engrossing process - how the earth will take the moisture from stems, how rains and dews will destroy protective layer, and make the fiber free naturally. Amazing!
29 August, 2015
I haven't been here for almost whole month! Really missed the fields. Nowis little cold for me, but this is the best weather for linen! For suchbiochemical processes that are going in inside the stems of linen.

Favorable conditions for maturing and preparation of high-quality flaxstraw are formed now in the end of August, when the weather is warm withabundant night dews and often fall rainfall, average air temperature is 16-18 °C. Waiting! Need to be patient, and Belarusian nature will do the main part offlax cultivation itself.
February 19,2016
Inspiring rose brown AMELIA linens , amazing stylish @annamalmbergphoto artist - L I N E N. LOVE ❤
June 15, 2016
Jeans + linen look so simple, basic and cosy (whereas its not:) What is basic for us? Love & safety. And LINEN.
Food is also - but this is another story