Why you will love our personalized products

January 25, 2019

Why you will love our personalized products

You will truly appreciate your 100%  linen robe - it is so personalized and totally that is based on your interests or needs. This feature of product will help you to avoid a random item in a store (just for the sake of shopping) and a waste of your resources. 

Personalization of products and searches is everything in 2019. I mean personalized recommendations on Netflix, to suggested playlists on Spotify, up to personalized robes from Len.OK linen. Everyone craves to feel his personal involvement into something special.

An interaction with a device, person, or product that is personal and customized just for you leaves a feeling like our likes and interests are actually being taken into account.

Product with personalization is a great gift with a touch of something intimate and delicate. When someone gives you a fitted hat with your favorite team logo on it or a set of towels with your initials stitched on them,  or robe with a beautiful and meaningful printed phrase - and though you feel that gift is more special than the rest- because it can only be yours.

Here's a guide to why we love customization.


Your love for personalized products, experiences and customization is based on the want to control things, and information overload that takes all the space around you. This is an amazing feeling that you aren't getting something super standard, generic or run-of-the-mill, but had made - makes you feel in control. With the personalized linen robe from Len.Ok you're getting something created, sewn and printed just for you, making you feel like you're the person it is about. Moreover, the feeling of that everything around you is so mass-produced and millions copied, while you have something absolutely unique and all in all great.

If we talk about a digital and virtual personalization- the suggested and “for you”  categories - you don’t make a choice when you click on it. But you feel this act as a control when you are seeing suggestions that are specific to your interests. This makes your engagement with a system much close and personal. 

This has an overall positive influence on your mind and sub-conscious.


We love customization as it helps us to reduce the amount of information thrown at us on a daily basis. Or at least it makes us think we are receiving less of info overload.

The customization tactics are based on people aren't presented with a million choices to sort through.

Instead, you're giving tailored and personalized information.  And this is magic. 


In some categories, more than 50% of consumers expressed interest in purchasing customized products or services. 1 in 4 consumers are willing to pay more to receive a personalized product or service

Offering personalization is the quite difficult but still real thing for business. Imagine a big Chinese factory with 5000 pairs of sneakers production in a month. Personalized embroidery is almost impossible for such a kind of business. 

But for us and our eye-to-eye handmade business - the personalization is just a pleasant and logic moment of creating a link between the product and its owner. Normally, every of our linen products are very “customized” already.  We know your names, your dimensions and we are trying to make your experience best with tailoring a great thing to wear and decorate your space. Enjoy our new customization for your lovely 100% linen.

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