Washing linen

August 5, 2019

Washing linen

Humanity love natural linen clothes for many thousands and thousands of years. Flax fabrics have so many advantages that make it popular among various ages, nationalities, and points of view.

Linen breathes well
It is strong and durable
It keeps the color for so long
And it gets only more pleasant with every wash
It is so easy to care for


Here are some tips for washing linen:

  1. Separate. Colorful from dark and white.

 2.  Treat any stains before popping them in the washing machine.

Don't wash stains in dry condition, use a little amount of water. Don't p[ur washing powder or detergent directly onto fabric.


3. Keep the washing temperature low. We'd recommend between 30 - 40°C for the best results.


4. Opt for mild non-bio detergent. Add half a cup of plain white vinegar to all color washes when you add the detergent

5. Use normal spin setting. It will be enough to make the linen fresh again

6.Never overdry. Try to use line dry and get it out of the dryer slightly wet.

Never dry at high temperatures in a tumble dryer. Use a medium fan and spin speeds until the fabric is dry. Do not dry longer than necessary because you risk drying out the fibers. Personally, I dry my linen sheets in the sun and fresh air so that my skin feels nourished by the natural feel.

7. If dried under the sun, pure linen does not need ironing. If you would like to iron it, use a good steam iron while the material is still damp.


Whites: 50/60 °C
Colors: 30/40 °C



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