Our customer story #4

August 16, 2019

Our customer story #4


We can't get enough about things which are simple and gorgeous at the same time. We love when people are wise and strong enough to get over today's marketing seals and make something real and full-minded.

That is all about the wedding preparations of Emily Bakken, our lovely customer and amazing women.

She made a wedding of a dream - local suppliers, only natural things, no extras.

We so in love with her "get to ready party".

And this is a great idea for all of us! If I’ve had a chance to make mine party once again - I would make it like Emily. With this set of pajamas, that she had bought from Lenoklinen - everything changes, no polyester, no princess-like colors, - so special and natural-looking atmosphere.

Amazing, she is a genius.

It looks so great on all of the bridesmaids. We are so happy to be a part of such important days. Hope pajamas will serve you for years, giving a pure, soft feel every single day.

Emily hoped to only purchase wedding things that she would not just wear once and never again, but wear for a lifetime.

Her girls bought these. (such a good friends!)


 Ive had your sheets for a few years and just got a new king sized set for our new bed as a wedding gift. I would recommend you guys to anyone



This is what Emily saying:

"A wedding post about #plasticfreejuly. I worked really hard to make our wedding as simple, affordable and free of frills, extras & unnecessaries free as possible. We paid local business owners to execute things like flowers, food, dress alterations and music to make our party what I wanted it to be and didn’t stress about all the extras.

Weddings cost money but I had to get cups for guests and I wanted to buy a reusable jar once, that wont be thrown away, was sturdy and affordable, could be sold afterward if I didnt need them, and used by someone else. Mason jars cost me less than a dollar a piece at my local hardware store which was more cost upfront but I wont buy jars for canning season or drink glasses for a long while. 

This the mindset of affordability and sustainability can be implemented for any party, family or event whether it be big or small. If plastic cups are the only thing that will allow you to pull off that birthday party thats ok! Use the plastic cups, maybe wash and reuse them again, but collecting a few cases of mason jars is one of the most affordable things you can do when youre ready to take the step into being a little more eco-conscious".

All of these amazing photos are made by Brianna Moss.

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