Pink Ash Linen Bed Skirt


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Gorgeous long ruffles on three sides of this bed ruffle look elegant and stylish. This light and unsubtle pink color add an interesting and fashionable character to it's deep, bold and oh-so-cozy texture.The surface of our stonewashed and softened linen is wrinkled and looking unmade and rough (but very soft and pleasant for a touch!). Add Pink Ash sheet set to complete the look.


- The color is cold hued pink with a silver shade

- The drop is uninterrupted, whole ruffled piece

- Horizontal surface is seamless and sleek

- Only 100% pure Europea flax is used 

- The linen is pre-washed and pre-shrunk

- The dust ruffle is a great choice for those who want under bed flooring be always clean

- The linen set is already pre-shrunk 

This linen bed skirt is a real luxury for any bedroom - but it more than affordable. Wrinkled and airy linen ruffle coverlet cascades to the floor in soft folds. Check out our Charcoal Gray collection to find a perfect palette for your bedroom.

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