Antique White Linen Bed Skirt


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This stonewashed linen bed skirt is handmade with pure European flax - after gentle enzyme treatment, the texture is very soft and pleasant to a touch. Tailored from pure stonewashed linen fabric of a warm white color. The color is natural and basic classy so that it looks great with just about anything. You'll love this light and warm shadow and washed out the shabby texture. It's perfect for a wonderful night's sleep.  As for its natural properties, it is healthy and pure as it is absolutely organic.

- The color is warm off-white with a vanilla shade
- The drop is uninterrupted, whole ruffled piece
- Horizontal surface is seamless and sleek
- Only 100% pure Europea flax is used
- The linen is pre-washed and pre-shrunk
- The dust ruffle is a great choice for those who want flooring be always clean

The antique linen bed skirt is a great detail of a bedding decor. Don't forget to add other antique white bedding details to comply this collection.

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