NATURAL GREY Linen duvet cover


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The quality of Len.Ok natural linen duvet cover is flawless. It has a coconut buttons closure. The buttons are made of absolutely organic and eco-friendly coconut wood, covered with a matte polish. Each of them is sewn on by hand and graced with a logo of Len.Ok. We handmade it in Belarus, Europe. Only from 100% Belgian and Belorussian flax.  Linen duvet cover gray natural melange is a best seller of Len.Ok store. We think everybody loves it because of its universality and absolutely neutral color. Add a sheet set in the same color to complete a look.

This natural duvet cover is perfect for summer and winter bed - super lightweight and breathable. Stonewashed linen duvet cover queen natural effect is amazing - it makes your nights cool in summer and warm in winter? We comply all your thoughts and desires with all possible sizes. With the best linen. This is your possibility to make your bed perfect for every night - both in winter and summer.   



 - Stonewashed added softness and vintage look to the duvet cover.

 - Organic and eco-friendly yarn dyed - Linen is woven from European flax, Belarus made.

 - Pre-washed and pre-shrunk. - Yarn dyed with a natural gray tone in the melange.


What is sleeping for you? Is it just 8 hours to spend with closed eyes, or this is a meditation and relaxation for you? Maybe this is a time of your connection with the universe? In every case, it is better to spend your night in the most comfortable and genial place in a house. And best idea - made this place with the healthiest material, as natural linen. It has lots of benefits - from better moisturizing of your body skin to massage and hypoallergenic properties. 

Contents: 1 x duvet cover
Details of our colors & sizes.

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