Antique White Linen Fitted Sheet


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Len.Ok linen fitted sheet is a perfect base for your bed - it is soft, hypoallergic and pure. It will absorb excess moisture and massage your body. As it has no seams in a sleeping area it won't hamper your moves. Eco-friendly bed linen extra deep fitted sheets have been enzyme treated and stonewashed - that's why the texture of our sheets is soft and perfect to spend the night in! The color of such natural linen fitted sheet is imperfect off-white, with a vanilla shade. The color is mild and no-contract, so it can play its role in a shabby chic, vintage, and classic interior, also in a Scandinavian style too.


 - The sleeping area of this sheet is seams-free

 - The yarn-bleached fabric is organic and chemical-free

 - The antique white fitted sheet fits all the color collections of Len.Ok bedding

 - Linen is woven from European flax, Belorussian.

 - Pre-washed and pre-shrunk

Len.Ok linen fitted sheet queen, king, twin sizes fit different sizes of mattresses - just adjust its depth and tuck it tight under the mattress. 100 linen fitted sheet is a perfect addition to every bedroom!







Contents: 1 x fitted sheet
Details of our colors & sizes.

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