Pink Ash Linen Fitted Sheet


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Stonewashed linen fitted sheet is a perfect basement of the calm and deep sleep - the natural properties of 100% linen helps you to sleep better, massages your body and moisturize your skin. This flax linen fitted sheet is handmade of European quality fabric. Tha flax was grown and woven in Belarus, with all the certificates of ecological safety. The color of this pink and gray linen fitted sheet - is very subdued and almost invisible tone of lavender. Combine with a flat sheet in the Pink Ash color.

- The fitted sheet has no seams on a sleeping area
- The fabric we use is organic and chemical-free
- The pink ash fitted sheet fits all the color collections of Len.Ok bedding
- Linen is woven from European flax, Belorussian.
- Pre-washed and pre-shrunk

Len.Ok linen fitted sheet queen, king, twin sizes fit different sizes of mattresses - just adjust its depth and tuck it tight under the mattress.100 linen fitted sheet is a perfect addition to every bedroom!

Contents: 1 x fitted sheet
Details of our colors & sizes.

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