Antique White Linen Flat Sheet


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Len.Ok flat sheet bed linen - is a flawless essential for every bedroom. It fits all styles of the interior - from antique to Scandinavian. The color of the flat sheet is pure white with a subtle vanilla shade. The texture of the sheet is prewashed - so soft and wrinkled. 

100% linen flat sheet is the natural and organic addition to your bedroom - it is woven of pure European flax. It is chemical-free and eco-friendly as it is grown without any harmful additions to its historical homeland - Belarus. 


- The flat sheet is seamless in the sleeping area and has a 10"(25cm) border

- The sleeping area of this sheet is seams-free

- The yarn-bleached fabric is organic and chemical-free

- Linen is woven from European flax, Belorussian. 

- Pre-washed and pre-shrunk

100 linen flat sheet is the healthiest way of cuddling both in summer and winter. Linen has a property to keep the warmth of body in winter time, and as a natural material - to make you feel cool and comfortable while hot summer nights, as for its natural breathability. Try antique white quilt cover too.






Contents: 1 x flat sheet
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