Pink Ash Linen Flat Sheet


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The linen sheet of pink ash color is perfect bedroom detail to use both in summer and winter. 100 linen sheets are natural temperature regulators - so they keep your body cool and absorb excess moisture in summer and keep you warm and moisturize your skin in winter. The flat sheet has been prewashed and enzyme-treated - therefore the color is very subtle and almost invisible and the texture is exceptionally soft



- The color is super subtle and won't annoy you with "too much pink"

- Only finest quality European organic flax fibers are used

- Has a 10" (25 cm) border at the top

- Pre-washed and pre-shrunk


We have a twin, queen and king size linen flat sheet. All the sizes are seamless on a sleeping area - just have a little 10" (25cm)  stylish border on the top of the sheet.





Contents: 1 x flat sheet
Details of our colors & sizes.

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