Flax Gray Linen Pillowcase


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Flax gray linen pillowslips are closing with an envelope method - one layer is placed on another with an 8" double-layered pocket. Flaxen pillow slips and sheets come in prewashed and smooth condition. Flax gray color is a soft taupe, straight from the field. It hasn't been yarn-bleached for strength, without optical brighteners. The flax grey is a soft, perfectly neutral shade with a modern feel.

My close-woven, commissioned sheeting is water-finished, no need to wash before use. The allowance is made for shrinkage.


 - The color is deep and calm flaxen gray without any additional shades

 - Linen is woven from European flax, Belorussian.

 - Pre-washed and pre-shrunk pure linen European pillowcases

 - Envelope closure pillowcases have a hidden 8"(22cm) pocket to hold pillowcase

Len.Ok linen pillowcases are graced with an envelope closure - so that look simple and contemporary and suit every bedroom decor. The closure is very comfortable and holds inspections securely.


Contents: 1 x pillowcase
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