Pink Ash Linen Pillow Sham With Ruffle


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Pink ash linen pillow cover is exceptionally stylish and healthy gift for any bedroom! Luxury soft and stonewashed texture of the 100 linen bedding fabric is naturally breathable and pleasant for a touch. Every night your skin and hair will have a little salon treatment in your own bed! The color of this pillowcase is pleasant nude pink with a nuanced gray shade.


 - The pink tone is almost invisible, so it won't bore your eye

 - The linen used is of the finest European quality

 - Pre-washed and pre-shrunk white linen European pillowcases

 - Envelope closure pillowcases have a hidden 8"(22cm) pocket to hold pillowcase

Len.Ok linen pillowcase luxury manifests itself in the exceptional softness of the stonewashed fabric and in amazing stylish and elegant pink ash color, it has.



Contents: 1 x pillowcase
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