DUCK EGG Linen pillowcase


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Light and unsaturated aquamarine slip pillowcase is handcrafted from natural prewashed 100% linen fabric. Knots of soft flax fiber carefully save all the aroma of linen culms, a smell of warm grass, of breathing earth. Len.Ok linen bedding is made from prewashed linen which is already very soft and pleasant to touch after you receive a parcel. No needs in additional washing. This natural linen pillowcase is ready to be used. Also, the stonewashed effect is perfect for touching face skin - the texture of a stonewashed linen pillowcase is soft and smooth. It keeps your skin breathing and moisturizes it. The simple style of this housewife pillow cover works well as an easy summer update in any home, from traditional to contemporary.  

Add some ruffle pillowcases in Duck Egg color to finish the perfect look.


 - Yarn-dyed to a natural gray melange color.

 - Linen is woven from European flax, Belorussian.

 - Has an envelope closure.

 - Pre-washed and pre-shrunk.


Contents: 1 x pillowcase
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