WILD ORCHID Linen pillowcase


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These slip pillow case are handcrafted from melange pink washed linen. Extremely smooth and gentle to touch. To sleep on a pillow in a such organic and soft case – is like a day dream in a center of fresh blooming linen field. Knots of the soft linen fiber carefully save all the aroma of linen culms, a smell of warm grass, of a breathing earth. 
Len.Ok pillowcase has a comfortable deep pocket to hold the pillow inserts inside securely. 


- Linen is woven from European flax, Belorussian.

- Has an envelope closure.

- Pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

Prewashed flax is an amazing choice for those who love something organic, but really cozy and soft. The pre-washing process is eco-friendly and very efficient. It consists of eco-friendly enzyme treatment and intensive wash on a high heat. Note, that all products are already pre-shrunk. After such wash, they come fluffy and beautifully wrinkled.

Contents: 1 x pillowcase
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