Creamy WhiteLinen Flat Sheet

100% plain linen

color: creamy white

Bestseller of Len.Ok production - creamy white deep pocket flat sheet. Linen flat sheet has smooth, soft texture and ultimate elegant look. This classic creamy white linen bedding is suitable for every interior: both in a roman room or in the modern hi-tech interior it can show to advantage

- We use only European 100% linen - organic and OEKO-Tex® certified 
- Every piece is non-washed and plain
- Flat sheet is seamless on the sleeping area and have a 10"(25cm) border
- Our linen is hypoallergic, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly
- Super durable linen - becomes only softer with every wash

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100% linen 

We use 100% linen only. European. Natural. Organic. All our bedding collections are made of medium weight stonewashed linen. 

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All shipping costs are on us. Anywhere. Anytime. Any order. Just purchase your fabulous linen set - and we will post it for free.

Handling & Shipping

Handling time 1-2 weeks
Shipping time
14-45 business days everywhere

Customer Reviews

on October 12, 2017
These are very nice but more of a crisp linen not a super soft crapey linen. I like them. They look beautiful and well finished on my bed and I sleep quite nicely on them here in Miami.
on November 25, 2016
Once again I have purchased your beautiful sheets. Thank you
on November 25, 2016
Very nice quality linen with a soft hand. Well made too. There is nothing nicer than linen sheets for a good nights sleep. Thank you!
on July 25, 2016
This is LUXE! Perfect! ***** Five stars for softness and beauty of linen

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