Linen duvet cover


Our collection of duvet covers online will satisfy every home decor aesthetic. Crossing edges of interior styles expect to find flax linen duvet cover with organic coconut buttons closure in amazing natural colors from white to black. Linen duvet cover is made of 100% linen

Delight in minimalist form and absolutely ideal bedding material Len.Ok pure linen duvet cover is right on-trend. We offer you all possible sizes, even custom sizes if you need - from single, twin, to an oversized king, queen size. Sometimes some of them appearing a " linen duvet covers sale" - so, don't miss a moment to make a most wanted purchase. 

LINEN DUVET COVER 3-sides ruffle


  • All duvet covers here in all sizes are totally seamless
  •  Stonewashed added softness and vintage look to the duvet cover.
  •  Organic and eco-friendly yarn dyed
  •  Linen is woven from European flax, Belarus made.
  •  Pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

Flax is an amazing fiber which has lots of benefits sounds more like magic than technical characteristics. The most important thing is flax grown in Belarus is absolutely chemical-free, as because of wet climate it needs no additional feeding. The another miracle is hypoallergenic properties. And third (but of course not the last) I can moisturize your skin more than even most expensive face cream on the market. Try this perfect medicine for your body and mind.