Linen apron is made of 100% flax fabric

Our linen apron is like a normal apron that you get used to but much better. We have different options for various types of activities -one has two crossover straps ( they don't pull at your neck as a traditional apron do), and the wrap-around half-apron. Both of the models are really cozy and protect your underneath clothing so well. Two pockets on the front of linen aprons secure your phone and or tools or instruments.

You can dry your hands on the linen apron, or pick up the corners and carry laundry, apples, toys.

The stonewashed texture of a linen apron is a perfect detail - it looks nice and stylish without any additional ironing. You can order all possible sizes, even custom sizes if you need - from XS to XXXL apron

LINEN APRON cross-back


  • Stonewashed added softness and vintage look to the apron
  • Organic and eco-friendly yarn dyed
  • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

Flax is an amazing fiber which has lots of benefits sounds more like magic than technical characteristics.