Linen fitted sheet


The pure linen fitted sheet is available in all Len.Ok colors so that you can make a total color set with each out from this category. Made from 100% linen woven from organic European flax, pre-washed for unforgettable softness. The linen fitted sheet has an elastic all around the seams on bed corners. And NO more seams at all, especially on a sleeping area. Linen fitted sheet is made of 100% flax fiberThe fitted sheet by Len.Ok is stonewashed, which produces a very soft hand and controls for shrinkage. Our stonewashed collections of linen sheeting are the softest linen on the market. The fitted sheet is enzyme treated and prewashed – an extremely soft hand and detailed finish.


  • The sleeping area of this sheet is seams-free
  • Organic and eco-friendly yarn dyed
  • Linen is woven from European flax, Belorussian.
  • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

The seamlessness of the sheets you sleep on is one of the most important characteristics. Nothing should rub against your skin, nothing should hamper your moves. Absolutely plain and relaxing surface can bring you really pure and calm night sleep. Don't refuse to yourself in this lovely compliment to your bedroom. Even with one, but absolutely organic and eco-friendly sheet your sleep will become more healthy.