Linen pillowcases


Linen pillowcase luxury comes in stonewashed flax fabric available in all Len.Ok colors. Natural organic flax fiber is the best variant for the pillowslip that touches your face and hair for all night long. Len.Ok linen European pillowcases are so gentle for a touch that nothing can be compared with this natural and ecologically safe touch. Len.Ok linen pillowcase and pillow cover, throw pillow shams are handmade of 100% flax!

Buy one pure linen pillowcase from Len.Ok - and you will ask for 100 linen pillowcases in other sizes and colors from us, as nobody can stand this affordable luxury.

Choose your variant of pillowcase:

- Pillow slip in a housewife style, with an envelope tuck to hold the pillow securely

- Pillowcase graced with a long one-sided ruffle, with an envelope tuck too, but hidden under the ruffles.

- Pillow sham sized as a 26"x26" square with a pretty middle stitch with coconut buttons on it

Bed linen sheet sets by Len.Ok come in all colors you can find in other categories of our store - so that, you can make a full bedding set.



  •  Yarn-dyed organic and eco-friendly linen
  •  Pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

Cuddle in a whole flaxen bedding is a generous idea either for cool winter nights or for hot summer sleep. The natural fibers allow your body to keep the perfect temperature and slightly absorbs excess moisture. Try this natural treatment and after even a month of sleeping on a natural material you will fel the strength in you hair and light in your skin."