Here are your favorite linen pants - they are loose, long or short - but all are really cozy. Choose your linen culottes, Turkish-style pants, harem pants, or even shorts.

Pants are little oversized but not too baggy but fit great on the hips and waist.

We offer you different variants of linen pants:

- Straight linen pants with two pockets

- Harem pants 

- Wide and comfy culottes

Linen clothing by Len.Ok come in a variety of colors - you can choose from white to almost black

LINEN SHORTS raw-edged


  •  Yarn-dyed 100% linen pants are organic and ecologically friendly
  •  Linen is woven from European, Belarus flax
  •  Everything is sewn in our seamstress studio
  •  All items are slightly oversized
  • Every single product by Len.Ok is pre-washed and pre-shrunk

What do we need for a perfect day? The calming and relaxed look, - cozy and perfect for the health linen things to put on and forget about everything in their natural fibers. What we mean by stone washing -  is a certified eco-friendly process. They include enzyme treatment and following intensive washing cycle in a special 100-liter machine. After these steps flax becomes soft and fluffy, wrinkles and amazing looking.