SWATCHES Swatches of linen fabrics

Swatches Swatches Of Linen Fabrics


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Swatches of Len.Ok linen fabrics
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Our washed L I N E N
Len.Ok washed linen fabrics used were specially washed and tumble-dried in order to get gorgeous softness and beautiful wrikled texture. No more ironing, never, just leave as it is for loft or shabby chic look. Seven of our collections were gently prewashed and enzyme treated. Len.Ok stone washing saves the strength of flax fibers and your time for ironing (that is not needed anymore!)

Antique white - looks like vanilla, goldish white with yellow shades
Natural gray - gray and beige with green tone
Charcoal gray - calm and matte classy and cold gray 
Pink ash - very subtle and unsaturated gray-pink with a slight touch of a lavender
Duck egg - very pleasant calm color between teal and aquamarine 
Sage green -grayish dusty and subtle color between green and khaki
Chocolate brown - calm and subtle brown color with an olive shade
Night blue - almost black amazing deep color with a dark blue shade
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