My life isn't long enough to be ironing bedding

February 12, 2018

My life isn't long enough to be ironing bedding

If taken out of the ideal interiors and studio walls wouldn’t it look messy wrinkled and just disgraceful.

As each knows, natural linen wrinkles easily. And these days wrinkles on your bedding is not a sign of poor housekeeping. If the latest interior décor ideas are any indication, we aren't expected to iron our linen sheets at all.

So should you iron your bed linens?



If you love pristine and neat looking bedding, classical and professional looking, feeling of a clear and calm hotel room – you need to iron. Also ironed bedding look is a fast and (but not very simple) way to give to any room made up and luxury feel. It takes a long time and lasts a few days – then everything comes to a normal non-iron look.

Any more advantages of ironed sheets? Nope. If you suppose to get rid of germs with ironing – this doesn’t work if you wash your bedding on at least 55 °C.

To de-germ your sheets wash on a “hot” cycle. The temperature has to reach 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius) for at least three minutes during the cycle. That’s just too hot for the dust mites


If you still insisting on a plain looking bedding – this is lifehacks for you:

✓Fold your slightly damp linens in half, and iron vertically, avoiding bends

✓ Fold the duvet up before you put into the tumble dryer. Then iron while it is still warm. Only iron one side.




Who has the time to iron bedding when there are a hundred things to be done?

✓ If you certainly don’t want to iron it - don't tumble dry it. Take it out of the machine as soon as it finishes. Hang it up, even in your house. Far better for the environment, and far less work for you.

✓You don’t want to iron your bedding but want to get rid of big wrinkles and crease marks - consider ironing right on the bed. But be sure you can not damage your mattress. Especially it touches a memory foam or latex mattresses.

✓Invest in a really nice washable throw that lives on the bed. It will hide a wrinkled duvet keeping the room look fresh and plain.


Certain fabrics will crease more than others. If you hate the ironing bedding after every wash but still want to have something healthy and organic on your bed - stay clear of 100% cotton and 100% linen. Be sure that slightly wet (after dryer machine for example) 100% linen sheets may line-dry crease-free.


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