ANTIQUE WHITE Linen pillow sham with ruffle


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The antique white ruffle linen pillowcase is perfect for every night - both in summer or winter seasons. The natural flax fabric keeps your body warmth in winter and feels cool in the summer. Len.Ok linen pillow cover is a great addition to your everyday skin treatment as for they cosmetological properties. Linen is a perfect massage and moisturizer. The fabric the pillowcase made of has been enzyme treated and stonewashed. So the color is very subtle and non-contrast vanilla white. DETAILS YOU'LL APPRECIATE - Yarn-bleached off-white natural flax with no harmful chemicals - Linen is woven from European flax, Belorussian. - Pre-washed and pre-shrunk white linen European pillowcases - Envelope closure pillowcases have a hidden 8"(22cm) pocket to hold pillowcase Len.Ok linen pillowcases luxury is affordable for everybody. Buy linen pillowcases and add a sheet set - and you will have a natural feeling for your face skin and hair treatment every night. As for natural properties flax is a material that can on the one hand - absorb excess moisture, and on the other - moisture your body with water it keeps in its fibers.

Contents: 1 x pillowcase
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