Why everybody needs to try Clay color in the bedroom

July 29, 2019

Why everybody needs to try Clay color in the bedroom

Warm terra-cotta hues will bring the outdoors inside your space—think canyons and deserts, think savannas and oasis. This clay color so hot as it represents the growing and developing the popularity of the desert-modern style, of the ecological site view on life at all. This is color if mid-century modern and American South.


The Clay color linen sheets pair well with bright tiles, warm and cold stone, rattan palm and greenery. 


This amazing bedroom color palette created by our lovely customer @the.dove.house in her favorite new house. Sand linen sheets, some of the gorgeous Clay linen and calm and simple antique white bedskirt basement. This is a perfect purchase:


" This linen bedding from Dasha at @lenoklinen She was so kind! I looked at so many Etsy shop options and I’m so glad I found hers! I absolutely adore the clay color. I couldn’t find many clay bedding pictures so I wanted to post for anyone looking- you cannot go wrong with this color!! I chose a mix of sand, antique white, and clay. The result is so warm, relaxed, and cozy. I plan on ordering more soon. Shipping time from Belarus was two weeks (even with needing to make an address change)."


This predominantly neutral colors bedroom idea, that is really professionally realized by our customer is super cool for spaces, that needs a cozy, yet fashionable touch.

But with plenty of taking-your-attention features to make this room feel completely modern: like wall-to-wall flooring and pentagonal vases. Invisible wall coloring and really light slightly shabby furniture only add to the light play that is found with this intricately cut skylight. The whole room seems to be multifaceted.


Soft and calming Clay color sheets when combined with natural hues, but energizing and fun when used with vivid and bold colors. This color embraces optimism and a sense of humor. Try it in any room; it’s versatile.

 Play with contrasting hues, such as a minty green, pale yellow, and neutral gray for an interesting whole-room palette. 

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