5 Benefits of Natural Linen Bedding

June 30, 2017

5 Benefits of Natural Linen Bedding

Benefits of Linen Bedding

Manufacturing Linen Sheets

The word linen is frequently associated with any home textiles, but don’t confuse it with the type of fabric made from fibers of flax. Flax is generally a very undemanding plant – no weeding or fertilizing is necessary, not even watering, unless it is a very dry season. It is an annual plant that has smooth bluish-green leaves and blooms in pale blue flowers.

After flax is harvested, in the early days of spring, its stems are used in textiles manufacturing. Long fibers yielded from flax stems are then spun and woven into yarns, which are later used to manufacture linen sheets. The entire process is purely natural and results in a 100% organic fabric.

So, what are the linen bedding pros and what makes it different from other bedding? Let’s
figure this out.

Flax Vs.Cotton: Advantages of Linen Bedding


We can’t but deny the many benefits of natural-fiber bedding for the human health, and cotton and flax are no exception to this rule. However, here the latter stands out due to its exceptional qualities.

Straps of the finest flax-fiber fabric were used by Romans and Greeks as a prime material for togas. The reason why cultures throughout history favored this fabric over others was its capacity to repel microorganisms and dirt and wick away moisture. Besides, modern studies prove that flax-fiber bedding is perfect for people with allergies, eczema, dermatitis or just sensitive-type skin, making it a perfect choice for a kid’s bedroom. And moreover, it perfectly mimics the biological needs of our skin and hair, while we sleep.


In our imagination linen is always associated with summer and hot weather. But despite our initial thoughts, linen, being a natural fiber, actually provides very comfortable microclimate during colder months.

Both flax and cotton fibers provide warmth. Still, flax fibers are hollow, which allows sheets made of this fabric to provide for natural movement of air and moisture, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer under the same comfortable weight. And for the always-freezing type of people, linen duvet covers and linen quilt comforter are perfect options.


Textiles made of flax fibers are already soft when you start using them. And this is the fabric that is known to become even softer when used and washed repeatedly. Actually, with every washing it will become more and more pleasant to touch.

As for cotton, it is a yarn woven from fluffy fibers yielded from inside cotton-plant bolls. Such fibers are very fine and thus softer than the thicker flax fibers. So, cotton bedding is soft to the touch from the very beginning. However, the fact that linen is somehow “rougher” than cotton is hardly a disadvantage. Some researchers prove that sleeping on such sheets gives an effect of light massage, which can help prevent skin from early aging.


Flax is an extremely strong natural fiber, much stronger than cotton. Flax fibers are thicker than those of cotton, and besides they are usually long, which contributes to the strength of the material. Did you know that flax fibers are used to produce paper money to increase its durability?

This makes linen bedding is a worthy investment, as studies prove linen sheets serve twice as long as those made of cotton, not to mention sheets made of synthetic fabrics. So, despite the fact that linen is usually more expensive (mostly because flax processing is very labour-intensive), it is totally worth it. So much so, that linen sets are passed from generation to generation.


Linen sheets have a one-of-a-kind majestic appearance that no other type of textile can mimic. Linen is probably the only material that can ideally fit practically any style of the interior décor, creating a universal aesthetic appeal.

Nothing compares to the comfortably messy look of 100% linen bed sheets in your bedroom. The pastel colors created by natural hypoallergenic dyes and rich textures will give your house an air of exceptional luxury that no flashy prints can provide. The casual wrinkles will make for a soothing look and feel, comforting you after a long workday and cradling you to sleep almost at once.

Pure Linen Textiles from LenOk

Now that you know the benefits of bedding made of flax-fiber yarns, you must be dying to buy a set for yourself or maybe as a present to someone you love. Here is a perfect option for you – sets from LenOk, a Belarusian manufacturer of modern bed linen. LenOk offers a range of home textiles made of pure linen:

  • bedding sets;

  • linen duvet covers;

  • flat and fitted sheets;

  • pillowcases.

All products come in a variety of stonewashed colors. Each and every item is made of prewashed fabrics so that it would be soft from the very beginning and won’t make you an unpleasant surprise of having bleached after the first wash. Browse our website and order linen bedding now!

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June 29, 2017
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