Linen Gift Ideas

August 23, 2017

Linen Gift Ideas

How to express your feelings about a person in the best way? Choose a gift that will speak for you! No matter what the occasion is, gifts are always more than just a present: it’s an expression of appreciation, love and care. So how to choose a present that would show how you feel about the person?

Given the variety of things on the market, it may be hard to find something worthy. However, life becomes easier when you choose linen gifts – they are sure to become a perfect present for those who take care of their health and appreciate comfort, which means for everyone! Be it a duvet cover or a sheet set, the recipient is guaranteed to be happy with such a luxurious present.

Let’s divide gifts into several categories and have a look at what would match each of them.

Linen Gifts for Her

Everyones loves classy and tasteful stuff, but only a girl can spend hours choosing between two pieces of clothes or accessories or among several interior items. Therefore, any piece of linen bedding, be it a pillowcase, a comforter or a whole set, is sure to win any girl's heart. She will like the clean and crisp feel of the cloth and be surprised by its durability and the fact that the fabric gets softer with every wash.

What is more, a linen pillow and a comforter will look elegant in any bedroom and with any decoration so you won’t have to worry about your present collecting dust in a closet because of inappropriate color or pattern.

Such present will speak better than words about your love and make her think about you every time she goes to bed. And don’t forget to complement the present with her favorite flowers!

Linen Gifts for Him

Men are known to be practical, and even if it is a stereotype, who won’t appreciate a gift that will serve for years to come and look just as good as when first used? Anyway, any person needs a good night’s sleep, and presenting your dear one with a bedding set made of flax-fiber fabric will show the person that you’re concerned about his health. With that being said, a sheet set and a soft comforter are sure to hit the spot. The set will guarantee not only his comfort but a good mood after a sound sleep and make him more than happy.

Besides being just comfortable, linen bedding lets the skin breathe, perfectly absorbs moisture and has micro-massaging properties. Moreover, it regulates temperature so he is sure to feel comfortable in both hot and cool temperatures.

Linen Gifts for Wedding Anniversary

A fourth wedding anniversary is universally called the linen anniversary. Items made of linen is the traditional gift for this occasion. So if you aren’t sure what to choose as a present then look no further – linen bedding is sure to become a very symbolic and thoughtful present.

And even if the present recipients know nothing about this tradition, they will still love your present. Moreover, it can be a good wedding gift too! Linen bedding gifts are a sure-fire for any newlywed wife, as it will serve as your contribution to their young household and will bring elegance to the couple’s home.

And the same works when choosing bedding gifts for one’s husband or wife. The duvet cover set and pillowcases you’ve presented your significant other will give them unbelievable comfort and restful sleep. Such present definitely reflects your love. Or you may choose all of the three, a duvet cover set, a sheet set and pillowcases – after all, you will enjoy them together during many nights.

The bedclothes not only provide great comfort but also give any home that unique touch. What is more, flax-fiber bedclothes are typically characterized by fewer complaints about wearing thin after a few years – they will serve your comfort for many years to come.

A Place to Buy Gifts

When it comes to choosing bedding, the quality is what really matters. And when you buy linen bedding, you save pretty much money in the long run as it is quality bedclothes that last much longer.

Len.Ok is the place where you can find such bedding. All the fabrics used in production are made of 100% pure linen and have the finest quality. The products also have a sophisticated design: casually elegant, capturing the fabric’s breezy, timeless appeal.

The products are easy to care for and help to save your time. Even without ironing the bedclothes still have a chic look. The unparalleled softness of the Len.Ok items is gained through the fabrics being washed and tumble-dried in a special way.

Product range

Len.Ok offers all types of bedclothes:

  • comforters;

  • duvet covers;

  • duvet cover sets;

  • fitted sheets;

  • flat sheets;

  • pillowcases;

  • sheet sets.

Color range

The collections come in the following colors:

  • antique white;

  • natural gray;

  • rose brown;

  • dusty blue;

  • dark gray;                       

  • chocolate brown;

Size range

At Len.Ok you can find not only a variety of colors but also various USA, Australian and European sizes:

  • King size;

  • Queen size;

  • Standard size;

  • Twin size;

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