PERFECT shade of sage

January 18, 2018

PERFECT shade of sage

 Silvery green sage bedding? Make a fresh combo with our sage green linen bedding collection which is an updated version of traditional blue and white. In the texture of stonewashed linen, the color has silver and grayish hues. It can look little cold and too airy but when you add a couple of elegant textures like warm wood or glowing accents - it may seem welcoming and comfy.

We are fans of using sage in pair with warm wood colors. The perfect hue for us is warm natural pine. This will make room tranquil and relaxing—exactly what you need if you are creating farm mood. Add some charcoal gray pillowcases to harmonise the color scheme and make it more serious and classy.

Green sage looks wonderfully rich when combined with furnishings and accents on the brighter colors - like burgundy, blue, gold. We offer to combine with our duck egg linen bedding collection. Also, the great combination - with a cold hue velvet. It can be slightly darker, with serene blue or just silver hues. Think about four-wheel screed for your headboard.

 with The natural feel of such combination will fill your room with air and youth. 

The herb sage color has been used for millennia to distress and lower fevers, reduce inflammation and tension, improve concentration, and control excessive sweating.It is chilling, relaxing and absolutely natural especially in a stonewashed linen texture. It cools down a room -  it is easy on the eye and simple on your decor scheme. Also, all fabric meets the standards of Oeko-Tex â„– 12.HBY.02843 Hohenstein regarding the fabrics for table and bed linen, either bleached or acidified, pure linen 

This linen item was gently prewashed and enzyme-treated. In order to get beautifully wrinkled texture, shabby chic look, and lux smoothness. Len.Ok stonewashing saves the strength of flax fibers and your time for ironing (that is not needed anymore!)

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