Truth about plastic sheets. Thread count means nothing to linen!

August 22, 2016

Truth about plastic sheets. Thread count means nothing to linen!

Prewashed linen is amazing in its lightness. Best “breathability” of a linen sheet is in luxurious semitransparency.

So, why do you think it must have high thread count? Linen even can not have such big numbers in this rate as sateen or silk has because the linen thread CAN’T be even half of their tenuity. Even the fine-spun linen. Don't believe anyone who will say that such tight weaving is real for 100% linen. Because it is most ecologically-friendly and organically produced material. Without any special chemicals and adding of polyester it can't be so solid. If it is 100% pure linen - It comes to your sheets as it is. In a most natural and non-treated way.

Please, don't believe to those who say that higher thread count guarantees you softer fabric. It doesn't work in a this way. More surprising, is that the numbers advertising even 1000 thread count sheets, in many cases, are false and misleading.

Technically speaking, thread count is the number of lengthwise and crosswise yarns counted within a 1” x 1” square.The number of threads on a square inch is dependent upon the quality of the yarns and the tightness of the weave. To increase thread count, big fabric manufactures combine multiple plies of yarn or add filler yarns to boost the thread count as it is popular to judge by this factor. There is no benefit to durability or quality of sheets. Could you just imagine the physics of such a tight weave -  it can cause the fabric to break down or tear much more quickly because of strong intense.

Even high-end cotton sheets with a thread count of 800 can make you wake up sweaty and uncomfortable. Because the yarns are woven so tight! They make a solid surface that can't "breathe". It is like a plastic sheet. So close to the fabric that  used to make parachutes, tents - it is also high thread count. 

Simply, thread count is just a number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. This number is based on the threads woven horizontally ("weft") and vertically ("warp”). Just think about this and imagine – how much threads are laying behind your eyes and how they are closely intertwined with each other. The more threads are woven on a square inch – the more glossy look of solidity fabric has. It holds for sateen, cotton, percale – because luxury of these fabrics is measured by sleekness and shine (which really comes with a high density between threads).

But this means absolutely nothing for prewashed imperfect and wrinkled linen sheets. The beauty of linen is in a fabric lightness and subtleness. Linen is made of heterogeneous yarn, every knot of it is made and every thread is smoothed by people's hands. This is the simplest answer why the thread count means nothing to linen.

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