How to make your room look TOP-pinned interior for under 100$!

30 September, 2016

How to make your room look TOP-pinned interior for under 100$!

Refreshing a space is ASAP for October. Holidays are coming and winter gets closer. As well as getting blues is easier because daylight hours become shorter.

What does it mean?  Need to make a preparation of your place to make you a) stylish as top-blogger, b) cozy as a bug in the rug.

We love simple and affordable things to array space with. Especially if they are handmade and savvy made.

The first one genius Etsy find -  concrete iPhone stand by Trend Bolt (

This is a really cool hack for holding lots of things: mail, important visit cards, and even iPad. The blogger-loved design is at the same time very useful as the material is heavy - so anything you place on the stand will be fixed and based. Concrete is such a good looking material and pleasant for a touch (as it was polished lovingly by hands!).

The next step after you left your smartphone - is to place yourself cozily on the advice of PANAFURA ( Merino wool is a perfect material to warm up your space with elegance. This chair rug is only 22$ for a piece - but it will make you feel like 80°F for sure!

Don’t forget to get warm inside and make your wine feel cozy too! Nice solution - is to dress up not only your chair but your cup or bottle with this linen dresses by ItalicHome ( The picture - is a first one in this post.

Everything that has its own cover looks cozy and autumnal. It is subject to your bed too - don’t forget to dress up with Len.Ok linen bedding the

most important place in a house (alike the season) - bed!

June 15, 2016
Jeans + linen look so simple, basic and cosy (whereas its not:) What is basic for us? Love & safety. And LINEN.
Food is also - but this is another story
August 22, 2016
Prewashed linen is amazing in its lightness. Best “breatheablilty” of a linen sheet is in luxurious semitransparency.

So, why do you think it must have high thread count?
Published on 6 of October, 2016 on Youtube
Video about what to do if you stayed in bed for too long