Body pillow case for perfect body

August 20, 2019

Body pillow case for perfect body


Good and deep sleep is a necessity for every day and for everybody, but often we don’t feel satisfied when our alarm clock goes on in the AM. Tossing and turning or letting stress get the first-class of us can result in a less than perfect night of “sleep.”

Maybe super firm mattress or your pillow insert is not suitable for you, - so waking up with your arm crushed and your neck in a clumsy (and quite embarrassing) position. This, our friend, is where the body pillow comes in a game.

This is so comfy - to snug under a big and cozy duvet with a smelling super fresh linen and feeling so mild and pleasantly long and bouncy body pillow.

That is why body pillows are an irreplaceable thing in every bedroom:

1. Comfort factor

It’s effortless to aggravate your stress aspects when your mattress is just too firm. Your hips and chest are sensitive and once they don’t think properly supported, this can result in agony and ache, bad mood and stress.  Your physique responds by moving your drowsing role, definitely so that you must've now partially in your belly or twisted in the arrow position.

The outcome? Improper spinal alignment and excess strain for your arm because it’s in general squished beneath your pillow and feeling a little bit numb while you get up. This is primarily trouble for individuals with wide shoulders when you consider that they’re extra more likely to twist and lean their shoulders forward, even folding their pillow in half so as to try to get extra top and support.

The body the pillow takes care of this for you with its elongated and full form. By way of placing the pillow along your body and in between your knees, you've got something to be able to maintain you aligned rather of falling into an uncomfortable role. The body pillow takes the pressure off of your hips and as a consequence helps your physique calm down.


2. Dramatically improves posture

While you’re lying to your side, the whole bodyweight of your upper torso is pushing on your hips. This will intently discomfort. When this happens, your leg slides ahead, causing you to twist. A body pillow makes it possible for you to loosen up your muscle tissues and keep in appropriate alignment.

Via placing the physique pillow between your knees and hugging it as you sleep, your physique will not suppose the have got to twist because your weight is evenly allotted. This is the reason the body pillow is so necessary for everybody.


Our long pillowcases are sewn from 100% linen material. This we have various throw pillow covers sewn in classic forms - oxford, ruffled and with ties. Freshen up your bedroom and get a new amazing experience of sleep. 

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