Lenoklinen customers are the best

August 26, 2019

Lenoklinen customers are the best

We can't stand posting such a linen bedding review in here, as this is a real diamond!

Actually, our customers are so adorable. To be honest - every day we are having lots of conversations with you, we are getting tones of feedback (not only on our feedback page or in the product page, but in a Direct messages too)

And we are so grateful for one thing. YOU ARE THE BEST.

Just have a look - more than a thousand positive vibes from you

Sincerely and forever. We are so lucky to have

  • So emotional
  • So kind and patient
  • So open-minded and fully interested
  • So different, but all of you the same at one point



You love our linen, and even something is not by the numbers - you are so patient and truly kind, that we have no words!

Thank you.

This review is our inspo for this post:



**I spent days shopping/reading reviews/comparing: LenOK was by far the best. Wanted bedding that was long/flowy.. so many companies make bedding that will barely cover the top of the bed!! If you want flowy- you are in the right place!!** I ordered the clay flat sheet to mix in with my antique white and sand Lenok bedding- the clay is my favorite (and the one I was most nervous about- definitely a neutral girl). I use it as a sheet and sometimes as a “bed cover” for a more casual look. *Washes well! No color fading. *Beautifully packaged! *Dasha was wonderful to answer my questions! We even moved/had an address change- she was so kind and helpful!! *Once my items shipped, they were here in 10 days or less! Southeast TN- so, faster than expected!
I ordered antique white, sand, and clay. The combo is GORGEOUS!! I went to so many Etsy shops and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for... until I found LenokLinen! Linen w/ killer colors: CHECK. Long enough (So many would barely cover a king... let alone be flowy/cozy): CHECK! Priced well: CHECK!
I've washed them (and dried) maybe three or four times and they've washed beautifully. They truly do get more cozy with each washing. AND, they haven't lost their beautiful color- zero fading! I love the wrinkles... I feel like the cozy/wrinkle-y look works GREAT with little ones practically living on (jumping/crawling/climbing on) our bed!
I will be ordering more!! I'd love the order some linen items to use as throws on our white couches. I saw some new colors for LenokLinen and I can't wait to place another order!

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