Bridesmaid party in ROBES!

July 3, 2019

Bridesmaid party in ROBES!

What is the biggest dream of every single bride before the day X? Clues - it is full of flowers, champagne, nice girly talks, it is full of men absence! Year - this is an IDEAL BRIDESMAID PARTY.


And here we are to get into the topic - how to get dressed, what to do, what to eat and drink while the best (and formally the last) free girls party is going on



As a gorgeous, elegant and always overthinking bride to be, you're having a long list of things you should be worried about - from the
perfect wedding dress
to the flowers and the difficult seating chart and it never ends

You should also think about your bridesmaids (who will think about those angels), and therefore the checklist continues:


What dress will they wear? (Or just let them be their selves?)
What look will they owe for your bridesmaid's party? (Boho or classic?)
Will it be the same colors or should you mismatch? (That is the question!)
What do they want to drink? (To be not drunk but really funny)
What flowers or balloons to choose for decorating? (Or nothing of these two, as both flowers and balloons are not eco-friendly)


You get it.


The main thing for bridesmaid party - is a robe

We have two model options - long robe, and a short one.

For your bridesmaid's party day, theres another item to consider: a pretty and sexy, yet cozy and really longlisting robe. The robe that would be not only an hourly needed option for photos but a really cool gift for ages to your best friends.

Robes are not a required item for your maids, this little and so pretty detail will give an extra a special touch to the style of your wedding preparation



  • When you’re all gathered together and making your preparations for the big day
  • It is an absolute must for bridesmaids pajama - spa - of whatever intimate party
  • It will be a great option of personalized gifts to people who helped you a lot with your wedding (or whole life)

Ahead, scroll through our assortment of gorgeous robes for your bridesmaids—we have various pastel or bright colors to choose, and big size chart!

Linen robe - above the knee short linen kimono

100% linen robe is a fantastic robe for a living after a bridesmaids party.

This robe will make any day of your beautiful bridesmaids perfect.

It's nice and cool in an apartment in the summer, both in winter. The stonewashed linen fabric is of high quality.


- We use only European 100% linen - organic and OEKO-Tex® certified

- Every the piece is enzyme treated for reaching soft and luxe shabby texture

- Our linen is hypoallergic, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly

- Super durable linen - becomes only softer with every wash


June 23, 2019
We are making a little giveway in our IG:@lenoklinen
July 10, 2019
Linen tops and pants look nice in fall and spring - with boots and coats.