Linen wedding dress

June 28, 2019

Linen wedding dress

Why should you choose a linen wedding dress this season?

This is a question number one for every single bride - what dress it would be, and how she will look in it on photos which will remind the magic day for years and years after, And what is the coziest, yet the most elegant and stylish dress to be in all day and night long?

Of course we have made a linen dress for a wedding. We couldn’t have to get rid of the idea that our lovely customers, who think over the standards can choose a polyester trash instead of a dress, that would be your best friend for many lovely evenings after the day "X"

■ fit:

- Long linen dress, mid-calf length

- Oversized fit

- No chest folds, straight original fit 

- Has two comfortable pockets on the sides

- Long 2 meter linen belt is attached

Most of all new trends and it-things or lifestyles we meet every single fashion season are created by something really costly and really antique in its basement, something that people did a few decades before us.

You can say that linen wedding dresses are just a trend of something minimalist and normcore  - and it is only cool until we get bored of it.

But it won't make bored anybody - because it is a trend of roots, it is made of our ancestors, of our strength and glory of our nations.  And dressing it on while meeting your life solution - is really symbolic. Linen was used since ancient times by royal families and high-ranked families.

100% linen material - is traditional for most of the nations, yet it is comfortable and ecologically friendly.

And, wow, this season it more popular than ever (if you are really interested in this fact).

The sustainability is the new black of today's lifestyle - and linen plays the role of a "good policeman" in a textiles manufacturing nowadays.

The linen fabric is made without any chemicals treatments, it is a plant that doesn't need any pesticides and even a very small amount of water.  Moreover, it is so durable and long lasting, that everything that you will have in this material will work for you for many years after thousands of washes.

And this is a definition of viable consumption and living.

This is why centuries of usage counting linen still celebrates its simplicity, comfort, and durability, thus in this-this case, why not to celebrate while wearing it on your perfect wedding day, too?


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