5 morning rituals of happy couples

October 20, 2017

5 morning rituals of happy couples

Waking up and hour-long morning routine creates a course for the ship of your day. All in all, the “mood of life” is made of puzzles of waking ups, coffee-breaks, lunchtimes and after-work activities. After-bedtime hours are too important according to different philosophies - from Buddhism to Islam. Everything plays its role in this period of a day - your fluffy linen bedding, the brightness of light in a bedroom, even the temperature of a morning shower. At that time your inner world is most sensitive to all emotions and circumstances. So that we found 5 morning rituals for every couple - to make the day happy together:

Morning hugs 

Body language is the best instrument to communicate while the brain is still sleeping. Slight touching makes everybody blessed, as it activates the circles of endorphins accumulating.

Slug for a little longer 

Be honest with yourself - if you will wake up a little early your day can be much happier. If you have perfect linen sheets that make you feel as soft as in an airy cloud - let yourself to slug 5 minutes with your love.

Smile to each other

Have you ever thought about making a smile-face while your morning routine? Yes, just that facial expression during a half of a minute can expose your good mood. Especially when this smile is mutual.

Have a breakfast together

Even a 15-minute sharing a breakfast table is a great ritual to be closer to each other and create a feeling of unity.

Refuse all devices

Just one hour of “do not disturb” mode on your phones makes your morning time free of external streams of information, needless thoughts and gives a concentration on each other energy.

The photo featuring our Len.Ok antique white sheets is made by a blogger IG:@carolinejane2

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