Preparing for Guests - 10 basics of hospitality

October 8, 2019

Preparing for Guests - 10 basics of hospitality

    Ask this the question to yourself  after days of guests being in your house

     “What do you want as a guest”. 


    If you are not stressed in a hurry and soon arrival - try to sit and put some notes. Close your eyes and realize coming in a friend's house for a few days having a travel bag with you only. You have just some of the bath things, a couple of very wrinkled and "need to iron asap" clothes, probably dust in your hair after a long trip, nothing entertaining (except a smartphone, which is running out of battery), nothing about spa or relaxation things (that you constantly need when you're at home) and so on.

    Now you feel that you need to apologize deeply to all of your previous guests! Ok, you put some clean towels, and even gave them a hairdryer, and, maybe one extra blanket, after they asked for it.

    There are some essential things that you've missed having in a guest room.

    Some basic and simple things from us and our experience, that are so easy-to-do, but so vital and creating happiness for each of your lovely guests. 

    Things you can do to any space to make it comfortable for your guests to stay over

     The main an idea you should get through your head - all quests HATE to ask for things.


    10 basics of hospitality:

    Wifi password

    Please, don't make this moment so annoying. Just put a little handwritten card right on the bed, and make the life your gust so much easier, saving him or her from asking.

    Entertaining things

    Remember, your guest is tired and so far away from his nice and cozy room. Give him a chance to relax with something smart and pleasuring. Find some books or magazines, maybe a laptop or ipad for film watching, or even a handy game.

    Something to eat and drink

    Maybe your guest will be thirsty or hungry, but to shy to come to the kitchen and use you refrigerator or other storages. And it is rather late, and nobody knows where the closest shop is? Please, don't be so cruel and put a bottle of water, fruits, some snacks in his room. Don’t forget to put a sign, that his is free to own everything, that he see in the quest room.

    Nice sheets 

    This is an absolute must for every host. DON’T TRY TO GIVE THE MOST UNLOVED BEDDING TO YOUR GUEST. Please, be more polite and kind - give him you favorite linen sheets from Thanks God, they can be washed hundreds of times, without getting worse, but only getting better and softer with every wash. So, having a natural linen sheets will make you the best host forever for so many guests as your heart can receive, without destroying you budget.

    Essential items -  toothpaste, socks, eye mask, makeup wipes

    Of course, you're not a Hilton hotel owner, but some simple and easy-to-buy (or just share from your boxes) things will be so cool to see in your gust room. Especially for the person who are really tired today to go out, and so many thing should be done tomorrow morning. Your guest will be happy and satisfied.

    Phone Charger with an extension cord

    No comments. We are living in this world and we all need it.

    Extra empty baskets around

    Give you guest a chance to live without a chaos. Let him decide how to organize his things for this days.

    Candle and plants

    Create amazing atmosphere with just two things - candles and flowers. So easy, but it will definitely make a big difference. It will bring joy to the being in your house and your guest won't forget it.


    Only Linen robe is accepted. If you asking - why, please refer to a 4 point of this list.


    Cleaned off surfaces clear from personal items

    Let your guest live his own life in your house, let him feel like at home, feel free and independed.





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