How to renovate house on a budget

October 1, 2019

How to renovate house on a budget

These guys made an amazing renovation in the so-called Red barn house in Seattle. It was bought with everything left from previous hosts.

We love the story of this renovation, we love results, we love that our duvet cover took part in it, but most of all we love those key points that we have and learned from our customers, and ready to sum up here in the blog. Enjoy!

Budget-friendly yet stylish renovation




Paint walls

You may be surprised by how easy it is to paint a room yourself and how can it change your feeling of the house. Or you can be surprised at how cheap this solution can be (the same time it can be expensive. Remember that the preparation of the walls is everything and will make the job and cleanup much easier.

Plus - cover the floors to prevent deep cleaning after.



Refresh cabinets

Try to renovate them instead of buying new -  paint them and switch out the hardware for a dramatic update. Change out one cabinet door in the kitchen to glass, so you can highlight your entertaining glassware, serving pieces and beautiful things you like to show.



 Put attention to the bathroom

Our friends just made an amazing step - making a whole new flooring with tiles. And adding some space organization with racks and boxes.



 Hang wall art

This is the most pleasant thing after everything is done - to put on your lovely wall arts. Especially, when you did them your self!



Buy new bedding

New bedroom treatments can dramatically enhance a room without requiring a ton of effort. You can find reasonably priced and easy-to-fit bedding, that will fit any style of interior and any need of even so sensitive partner - 100% linen bedding. Bright and stylish MUSTARD bedding set the tone for an entire room. Making everything here so cozy and so inviting

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