Harvesting started

July 19, 2015

Harvesting started
Today is the first day of harvesting. That is the most important thing in linen culture - an optimal time of field cleaning. Don’t you know that flax is not mowed, like wheat, but pulled out with the roots? This process is called «trifling». Pulled up flax tied into sheaves and dried, then threshed sheaves are untied and thinly layered on the sloping meadows and fields. The stems of flax should get wet in the rain and snow. This is a the complex of nature biochemical processes, during which the pectin is destroyed and the fiber becomes "free". So now we are harvesting the flax stems to prepare for next phase of nature fiber exemption.
July 10, 2015
We are looking forward to flax field blossoming! Now I’m right here – sun is slightly tanning my skin
July 15, 2015
It is unbelievable beauty, so inspiring and magic - fields flowered this morning! Blooming flax field reminds me blue lake.
July 21, 2015
This is the last day of linen harvesting this year. The fields are mainly empty. Now all the bundles are tied and soaked, almost ready for layering open air.

Magic of nature processes
July 22, 2015
Now it’s time to spread all the sheaves untied all over the free empty fields - to be wet and dried under the rains, winds, dew, snows. That’s an engrossing process - how the earth will take the moisture from stems, how rains and dews will destroy protective layer, and make the fiber free naturally. Amazing!