How to wear linen in winter?

September 19, 2019

How to wear linen in winter?

Who knows how to wear linen pants in winter? @dirtycanyongirl beat this question with tones of amazing looks. We love all of our customers, but most of all we appreciate creative ones!

How to wear linen clothing in winter - and feel comfortable?

- this is a question we get into this time of year.  

How to style linen pieces for a cold month and don’t look weird.

Natural linen we use to sew our clothing collection is a significant fabric, that CAN give you feel of coziness all year round.  It’s mostly known for its comfort level, breathability, temperature regulating properties, and tendency to improve with every wash.

But the fact is it is known as a summer fabric? Yet 100% of linen has a big potential to be worn in winter too. Haven't you thought about that silk blouse, cotton shirt or polyester are never considered to be a summer fabric? It is only stereotypes about linen - mostly because we are used to its non-layered look. Read as - we used to wear linen as a separate part of the look.

If you are going to invest in linen clothing - be sure you will be able to wear it all year-long. It just takes a few adjustments to make it work. And our customer shows how to do it well.

Here are just random outfits with our linen culottes:



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