How to wear linen dress in 2019?

February 17, 2019

How to wear linen dress in 2019?

And why you should wear a linen dress? 


Linen fibers require a very little amount of water - rain is enough.

Linen is just a strong plant - and no pesticide needed while growth. 

If you not so worried about the environment - the main thing for you is that linen is a super comfortable thing to wear.

And if you don’t put too much attention to the coziness of your looks - the fact that linen dresses look very trendy and stylish, especially this season -  this fact will definitely touch your heart. 

So, here are some ways we offer to wear an oversized long ruffle dress. 

We love this model as for its 3/4 sleeves, and for the most comfortable length - it is mid-calf on the back side, and knee length on the forward.

It is rather wide to hide your body angles but looks not baggy - just relaxedly oversized and very-very stylish.

It hides your hips and waist too - so it is perfect to find something that will emphasize it. It can be a belt, cropped sweatshirt, or bomber.

Of course, if we speaking about linen dress outfit, -  it totally depends on the fabric it is made of. Better to choose something in middleweight, not very rough and not so fat. But still without any allusion on transparency. 

Linen dress should have a little bit of imperfection  - this is a part of its style. Our dresses are enzyme treated and therefore look a wrinkled and little vintage. 

Do not iron it to perfection - it will ruin its spontaneity and simplicity.  These wrinkles and folds are part of its nature and only they can make linen look trendy in 2019. With them, it looks a bit bohemian.

Our first linen dress outfit keeps the warmness and fits any cold season -  even in winter.

Just try leather leggings, high heeled boots, and really OVERSIZED bomber

I hope I convinced you, and now let’s see how you could incorporate linen into your wardrobe.

February 28, 2019
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