March 7, 2019


I have always been thinking of how can I make my wedding more ecologically friendly…

All these “Wedding Things” and everything that concerns wedding theme seems to be always made of plastic, synthetic,  polyester and etc. 
Literally everything concerning this topic! Just try to type it into the address line and you will see that totally EVERYTHING in the search is ANTI ecological. Every little thing beginning from the wedding gift cards and to the wedding dresses - everything is created to ruin the ecological balance we are loosing with every day. 

I did not believe my eyes seeing it  - and all of it is produced in the 21st century - when everything is already understood and everybody knows where we going by such an unstoppable train, with an extremely high-speed right to the catastrophe of ruining of our nature. 

Just type “wedding robes” or “wedding table” into the Google search - and you will see such a big load of plastic,  ugly chemically personalized items, which are printed with chemical paints on chemically made things, - useless things that will mean nothing right after the wedding.

I think about it more and more: does it worth it? I just understood how useless this thing will be very soon after the wedding when I have started to get ready for my own. So I decided to leave five things in a list of what I need to make my wedding beautiful and unique: gifts for quests, decoration of tables, interior, bridesmaid robes, wedding dress. 

I wanted to make everything by myself - and it comes out really pretty ( and I had a little amount of free time to make it!) 

I merely wanted to make a cool bridesmaid party (even mere than a cool wedding itself:) - and I was really disappointed in the variety of “ bridesmaid party robes”  that are offered on the market.  All of them are made of plastic fabrics, with a really nasty print of ugly unnatural colors. It is really disgusting because you will use these robes ones and maybe nevermore because it’s made of so unpleasant material, which is really difficult to wear for a long time - as you start to sweat, and even it can cause allergy. And these colors - they are killing me -  very bright like jury couture, - pink yellow gold silver - all these unstylish and totally untasteful colors. Every woman will look like a putaine in it.

 Everybody wants bridesmaids to be happy and find something for them which will be a great gift and at the same time a nice outfit for the bridesmaid photo session.

Linen robe for a bridesmaid - is a totally great decision because it looks really beautiful and sexy.  And bridesmaid party photos will look amazing in these robes. Also, it can be monogrammed - which looks really classy and chic, much cooler than just prints and glitter. 

All other variants are really scary like I have seen on the Internet these uncomfortable synthetic monsters -  and probably will work for one photo session and then everybody will get rid of this piece of plastic and inhale.

So I love my bridesmaid robes -  a set of six really-really beautiful and so comfortable robes. 

 I can’t even imagine what other material only this material which looks so cute while naturally wrinkled - and no iron needed. 

February 17, 2019
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February 28, 2019
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March 19, 2019
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March 29, 2019
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