How to wear linen in outfits 2019

June 16, 2019

How to wear linen in outfits 2019

Staying cool in crazy summer heat - what can help you to get over it more than natural linen outfit basement?

It is a new it-fabric of this season and no one can dispute of hoe comfortable and usable it is.

After so many years being only home wear and loungewear it finally came into wardrobes of street style bloggers and it-girls. Finally, everybody realized, that there is nothing better than natural for a human.

And so we are here, - after hippie wearings, after lounge nightgowns and harem pants - linen is a valuable street style outfit part. How to wear it and not tear?


Materials to pair with linen 


100% linen can create a more than a sophisticated look when you know its properties. It looks great really undone and wrinkled. Our
items are stonewashed - so they look wrinkled and undone, - and this is so beautiful to pair with something really elegant and plain - it worth trying to make a look with a simple leather skirt and linen top.


If you want to get a simple but cozy office outfit with linen - great to take a basic black suit and add a bit of linen. Linen culottes look really elegant with a crisp matte sleeveless jacket and sneakers. And this is so much comfort into your working days - you won't believe, but spending hours in the office in 100% linen increases your productivity at least at a half!


Better to wear linen


Benefits of 100% linen against more inexpensive analogs (like 50% linen - 50% polyester or cotton) are stable, and nobody can deny them.

The coolness of linen stays on place only, when the fiber is 100% clearly made of flax (what we use here on Lenoklinen)


Absorbency of natural linen in 50% higher than half linen - half cotton. It doesn't worth to spend a penny on clothes which are more like a hotbed for your body in the summer.


While such fabric as cashmere or silk has become entirely mainstream, linen remained not so estimated material. And this season every single fashionista opened up a trend for linen once again, so let's use the opportunity to wear the coziest material ever.

June 23, 2019
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