How to make linen sheets last longer?

June 8, 2019

How to make linen sheets last longer?

Bed Sheets handmade of 100% linen are very durable and can last almost forever with the right care, and not being worn out quick. Other sheets like cotton or satin are made of shorter fibers, which will simply unravel and turn into lint soon after fifty washes. 


  • Radical chemicals used in most popular laundry detergents are damaging to fibers.
  • High temperatures can ruin fibers. Once that happens, those fibers are more susceptible to breakage.   
  • More weight means more friction. Heavier people and all-day sleepers make the life of sheets shorter.
  • It worth thinking of buying a good and rather expensive set of sheets. Spending $600 on an all-included set of linen sheets may seem like a lot of money, but when those sheets last 10 years, it averages out to cost 16 cents a night. While buying 10 sheet sets for 200$, which will last for 2-3 years.





Wash your sheets them in cool or warm water on the gentle cycle. 60 degrees is enough for killing bacteria and for making sheets fresh.


Reduce the recommended amount of detergent by half. Don’t believe advertising and find the right amount of washing powder for your washing machine and specifically your washing cycle.


Don’t use bleach - it causes big damage to your sheets.


Don' let your sheets tumble in the dryer after they are dry.


Try not using dryer for linen sheets - they dry so quickly without it, that you will be surprised. And this little step can make the life of your set much longer.




Buy the right size. This is really important for fitted sheets. Too tight-fitting sheets live less.


Buy medium thread count  - it tells you how many threads are woven into each square inch. Our sheets are medium thread count - 175 GSM.


Buy extra bottom sheet because these will wear out faster than the top sheet.


Buy duvet covers are a great way of adding years of life to your comforter. It reduces the number of washes of the comforter.

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