October 21, 2018


We don’t spend a plenty of time thinking about sleepwear rules, but sometimes the pajama trend is so embarrassing and out of any gage.

The idea of pajama is just amazing - you are creating a private room for your body for the most important time of a day. The room for the body must be cozy and soft, without any irritating details, made of natural materials. Of course, everybody is keen to swan about in some nice silk sleep togs. But the reality is, that the winter comes, and silk is not so useful for this season. Also, the reality is about coffee in bed, a sandwich in the kitchen, and silk is about to be very hard-driving material.

Most of the materials (excluding linen) aren’t allowing internal organs to properly breathe. So wearing a layer of silk or cotton to bed is not appealing. And flannel or plush is just artificial and disgusting for your body. Moreover, they are not ecologically friendly at all as they look good maximum a year and then look very bad after all washings and washings. So you throw it away and buy more

Linen pajama looks great and can be washed hundreds of times. And lasts for years.

So if you found your pajama and live with it  - perhaps, you love it so much that sometimes can’t get out of it, and want to live in it. Maybe some of the younger men out there are in need of a little instruction in the proper fit, form, and function of sleepwear. But all of the rules, that are vital for all pajamas, are non-operating for linen pajamas. 



Pajamas are for sleeping. And lounging about in the morning when you’re entertaining a lady guest like Myrna Loy, or Audrey Hepburn. 

For linen pajama, this is not a rule. It looks so stylish and appropriate, then you can lounge in it around a house, and even take in guests in it.

All pajamas should only be worn immediately before retiring and discarded no later than 9:00 AM. They should never be worn outdoors, except when an emergency dictates. For linen pajama by Len. Ok - you can put on your favorite sweater or top, wear boots and jacket - street outfit will be great with it.


Normal cotton, flannel, silk pajamas are never, not ever, for wearing out in public. With baby unicorns, stars or clouds, or without.  No matter how comfortable they are. 

As you can see - linen pajamas are just perfect for wearing outside.


Pajamas look good when you wear a suitable pair - pants and blouse must be in a same color scheme or pattern. 

Linen pajamas and be paired in different ways. It depends on your mood and routine.


There is no rules for linen pajama - you can wear it everywhere, for any occasion and look perfectly stylish, and feel comfortable as in your favorite armchair.

October 5, 2017
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October 13, 2018
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October 29, 2018
There is more than understandable- you should choose the healthiest fabrics to wear. 100% linen is under this health category. We are not showing off - our sea-green, pink ash, chocolate brown linen pajama sets are real treasures for anyone, who are looking for an eco-friendly, organic and pure alternative to trendy pajamas known.
November 13, 2018
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