I'm in love with my robe

September 14, 2018

I'm in love with my robe

I desperately love my new linen robe. Why is it so? 

I find myself in it almost all the time when I’m home - it is the coziest thing I’ve ever worn, and the most luxurious.

Why do I call a stonewashed, most of the time wrinkled and simplest robe - luxurious? Even more than La Perla pajama? 

Because a touch of pure finest European linen to your body is the perfect touch you can owe. And the pure simplicity of caring and every day wear - this is a luxury for everybody, who loves to spend time at home being beautiful.


Be sure, I’ve tried lots of variants of home outfits (including La Perla) - and everything was too difficult or too simple. Silk was so sensitive to every move and every act - I couldn’t even live a week without worries of dust and dirt hurt it. I’ve tried a tone of mass-market cotton pajamas - and all of them were looking like a goo after a month of everyday wearing and washing. I’ve tried Intimissimi pajamas and Victoria Secrets robes - but they were so synthetic that my skin was alarming to me with a dryness and allergies. 

Believe me - you won’t look sexier in an Agent Provocateur suit than in the gorgeous linen robe. It looks like a wrap dress if you tie it tight and looks like a kimono dress, if you relax it. The length of the robe is mid-calf - and legs are looking very sexy through a deep vent.

And the biggest luxury - is how it feels and what it does to your skin. I feel like in a SPA wearing linen.

It massages my skin, it keeps the right temperature. It is like a gentle scrub and moisturizing mask at the same time. I feel the healthiness of wearing it, and my skin is grateful.

More over, I found out that it is so gorgeous looking bohemian outfit when I pair the robe with a pair of ideal classic shoes. I am gracing it with a few pretty simple things like bag, belt and watches - and get a cool and cozy outfit for a date. 

 I’m in love with this robe. Hopefully you will feel the same when try it.

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