Why you should try linen pajama immediately?

August 31, 2018

Why you should try linen pajama immediately?

The autumn is on the doorstep - nights are becoming cold and windy and your bedroom should be cozier and safer than it was last month. If you can’t imagine how you will stand against cool fall nightmares, we are stating - stand against in a linen pajama! Let us tell you why this is so great idea to owe a linen pajama set and show you our new collection for this season.

100% linen fabric has many properties and all of them are most easily appreciated when wearing linen on your body. We can’t negotiate that linen is super useful for the summer season as for it high breathability and humidity absorbing properties. But also it is the best variant for the home look when autumn is knocking on your door.

That’s why we are presenting Len.Ok linen collection of simple, cozy linen pajamas. We have two model variants - for those who love shorts and for culottes-lovers.  

So here are some reasons why you should add to cart your perfect linen sleepwear today:

Wearing linen at home is dry and comfy 

This is just perfect feeling while you are doing some domestic chores and moving around the house - and your body is free of moisture, and you are sweating dozens less. Linen is highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat. Flax fibers will quickly remove perspiration from the skin. Because of its molecular structure linen cloth can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight before giving a feeling of being damp or wet. 

So you are wearing natural cooling system every day!

It saves your heat at night 

 Every single autumn night you’re under a big danger to catch a cold - by having your body temperature on a too low level you are allowing gems to multiply and attack your immune system. So linen pajama - is your safety even if you get uncovered at night, as it is natural barrier between your body temperature and environment. Linen pajama will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer as the best climate control system of the last generation.

It is simply comfy 


Yes, linen pajama set is just beautiful and comfortable at the same time. You can feel sexy and charming in lazy oversized briefs with a nice ruffled waistband and raw edges. The linen top is chic just because of gorgeous undone wrinkled hi-low ruffle all around and boat raw-edge gorge. The oversized fit is pleasant to wear - the culottes is slightly bigger and free straight form - just perfect for sitting in the armchair, and for playing with kids on the floor. 

Moreover, every of the piece of pajama set you can use as an independent detail of everyday look - not only for home use, but outside wearing also. Linen clothing looks fashionable and minimalist - just as latest trends say. 

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